Vince Staples stopped by Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons recently, and he spoke about problems in the NFL while on the show. In his usual hilarious self, Vince provides some pretty biting and entertaining commentary. "There are real problems in the NFL right now," he says moments after making fun of Roger Goodell's neck. "There are some horrible people that play football, let's just be honest. Like, some really bad people that play football. I'm talking crazy."

He continues, mentioning that the people behind the scenes at the NFL are more concerned with weed, and celebrating, than cracking down on some of the more problematic things players in the NFL have gotten up to. "Let em' dance," he says, referring to the fact that the NFL is cracking down on taunting and celebrating. Nas and Kevin Durant also appeared on the show, talking about beefs, and rivalries across both basketball and hip-hop.

Watch Vince Staples on the show above, and check out what Nas and Kevin Durant had to say during their time on the show below.