Vince Staples recently graced us with the Prima Donna EP, proving his immense worth as an artist once again with seven brilliant tracks. As one of the best rappers out right now, it's worth watching his every move, and Prima Donna is more than proof of that. As previously promised, the release of Prima Donna is now accompanied by a short film of the same name, and it's just as inventive and striking as one would come to expect from Vince.

Directed by Nabil, the eerie new short film offers a look at the darker side of being a famous rapper. Full of unique imagery, the film builds upon the themes of the EP with a sense of grandeur, with Nabil providing the level of visual polish few other directors are capable of. It's a lot to take in and warrants multiple viewings, proving once again just how vital an artist Vince really is.

Watch the entire short film above.