This weekend, a series of tweets from Lil Wayne hinted at an early retirement. After a long, public battle with his record label Cash Money, the 33-year-old rapper told fans, "I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I'm dun."

Artists like Rick Ross and Chance The Rapper have voiced support for Wayne, and now Young Thug joins the conversation. Although Lil Wayne and Young Thug have had a rocky relationship in the past, Thug has always maintained that there's no bad blood between the two rappers.

In response to Wayne's tweets, Young Thug replied, "I promise I'm holding u down no matter what," before explaining, "ur the reason i rap." He added, "I just wish u could love me the way I love u big bro… ur my idol for life and I hope ur sorry for bashing me, not knowing how much I love u…"

Drake also showed love to Wayne in an Instagram caption: "I don't know what these other weirdos are on with all the side talks but I know you gave me a shot and all I can ever do with the rest of my life is return the favor.​"