Lyor Cohen, founder and current CEO of 300, has been named YouTube's new Global Head of Music, YouTube announced earlier today.

Cohen, who was previously the chairman/CEO of Recorded Music at Warner Music Group, will continue his duties at 300 until December 5, and "by that time the leadership will transition his role to a new leadership team," a representative for Lyor Cohen told Pigeons & Planes. "He will remain connected to 300 as he is the single largest individual investor." 

Back in 2006, Cohen was the first to license with YouTube through Warner Music Group. This new acquisition by YouTube will help mend the tense relationships between the company and the musicians and labels who use the platform.

"I’m confident that we can bridge the worlds of technology and music in ways that benefit everyone, instead of the zero-sum mentality that exists today,"  Cohen wrote in a letter to the YouTube music team. "I’m proud to be a music man, and hope that the perspective I bring from both the creative community and the music business at large will help us, our music partners and artists grow and thrive together."

YouTube's move follows the latest trend of streaming services enlisting experienced music executives to bridge the gap between the music industry and artists. Apple currently has Jimmy Iovine, who previously headed Interscope for 25 years, to lead Apple Music, and music manager Troy Carter was recently brought on by Spotify. 

Lyor Cohen wrote letters to the YouTube music team and his team at 300 to address the new appointment. Read his letters via Billboard in full below.