Since catching everyone's attention with his infectious "Caroline" single that's racked up over 40 million plays on Spotify over the last few months, Portland rapper Aminé has yet to release any new music—but he has let us in on his imaginative​ way of thinking. Having already made banana bread on his cooking show before a gig in New York, he now sits down with Genius to break down the meaning behind his hit song.

Diving into the song's first verse, he took a minute to outline his eventful, um, "life story."

"Basically, when I was like five, I signed to Death Row Records," he improvises. "I wrote for a couple people, you know. Some some hits like 'Hail Mary' and stuff with Tupac and shit. It was crazy. Basically, I was five, so I signed this shitty deal. Like, I didn't know how to read, you know? Come 18 or 20, I was like, 'Damn, I gotta make some paper.' [...] I was like, 'I gotta get myself a sugar momma.' So at 20 I got myself a sugar momma and she sent me out to the Himalayas."

Then, he explains how he met a Tibetan monk, saw a dragon in the shape of a female, and called her a "bad thing," providing the inspiration for the song's intro. Oh. Yeah. Of course.

Watch the full video above (in which he also discusses astrology, relationships, meeting famous rappers, practicing safe sex and more) or watch the "life story" excerpt by itself below.


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