Earlier this month, Bob Dylan became the first musician to win a Nobel Prize in Literature. An outpouring of support for the legendary singer-songwriter followed (including a message from President Obama) but Dylan himself stayed quiet on the topic.

A week after the announcement, he still hadn’t responded to multiple attempts by the Nobel Prize committee to get in contact with him. Committee members said, “If he doesn’t want to come, he won’t come. It will be a big party in any case and the honor belongs to him.”

Friday, he finally acknowledged the win—but his response was lukewarm. “Isn’t that something…?” he told The Telegraph. He said the news was “amazing, incredible. Whoever dreams about something like that?”​

Then, asked if he will attend the awards ceremony, he said, “Absolutely.” Then, leaving a little wiggle room, the notoriously media-averse icon finished with a caveat: “If it’s at all possible.”