Yesterday, Chance The Rapper shared an inventive, self-directed video for "How Great." Not much was known about the creation of the video at the time, except that it was shot on an iPhone, but Chance held a Twitter Q&A this afternoon to answer questions from fans. He stated that he won't be answering any interview questions about the video after today, but happily discussed everything from the inspiration of the video to how he got Jay Electronica to come out of hiding during the Q&A.

Chance revealed that his first video directed without the help of longtime collaborator Austin Vesely was inspired by "God, the movie The Prestige, the music video for Friends by Francis & The lights, the iPhone and my cousin Nicole" and said that he has "an insane idea" for a video for "Smoke Break" now that he's made his directorial debut. Watch the video here and see highlights from the rest of the Q&A below.

His overall inspiration for the video:


Why he wanted to recreate a studio feel:


How he felt about the positive feedback after initial worries:


His reasoning for using a choir of all black women​:


Why the video had so many rotations:


Where the video was shot:


When he came up with the idea and how the crew responded:


How he got Jay Electronica to come out of hiding:


Who directed the video:


Why he put "How Great" on his album in the first place:


His favorite line on the song:


Problems encountered during the filming of the video:


His plans for future directing work: