The 2016-17 NBA season just started this Tuesday and last night the Philadelphia 76ers kicked things off by hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder to start their year. Desiigner was there to perform at halftime but the Philly crowd was not having it. The G.O.O.D. Music signee dabbed and ended up shirtless as he does almost every time he has a mic in his hands, but after his performance ended there were loud boos as he was awarded a custom 76ers jersey.

Maybe it was because Desiigner is from rival territory, or maybe it's because Philly is just a tough crowd, either way Desiigner didn't care. The Brooklyn artist took his jersey and headed into the tunnel unphased. 

Another issue involving a performer occured before the game even started as Sevyn Streeter sent out a tweet telling fans that the Sixers refused to let her perform because she wore a jersey supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Check out the Desiigner boos and Sevyn's tweet below.