This has been a huge year for music streaming platforms, and really just music streaming in general. As more records continue to be set, Drake always seems to be find himself at the top. Throughout the year, Drake's name has been in the same sentence as the term "most streamed" more than a handful of times.

In June, Drake topped the list as 2016's most streamed artist, at the beginning of September Spotify announced "One Dance" was it's most streamed single of the summer, and weeks later Drake broke Apple Music's streaming record. The year isn't over just yet, and neither is Drake's recording setting trend.

Spotify recently announced that "One Dance" has moved on from being just the most streamed single of the summer and gone on to be the most streamed song in Spotify history. As of right now, "One Dance" has racked up over 880 million streams, which passes Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and MØ's hit single "Lean On" that earned a total of 526 million streams when it set the record last November. Thanks to VIEWS setting a string of new records, Drake apparently has racked in a total of 8 billion streams overall on Spotify.

Add to history and give "One Dance" another stream below.