February 2017 will mark the 20th anniversary of Erykah Badu's classic debut album Baduizm. As the big date rapidly approaches, Motown and UMe are working to make the anniversary a special one.

In the two decades since its release, Badu's first album has never received an official full vinyl release featuring all 14 tracks. Thankfully, that fact is about to change. As part of Motown and UMe's Respect the Classics initiative, both Baduizm will receive a double LP release. Presses of Badu's debut were previously released with just nine tracks, but fans can finally enjoy it in its entirety on vinyl.

Along with the full Baduizm release, Badu's follow-up sophomore album Mama's Gun will also receive this same special treatment. Sixteen years after its November 2000 release, the album will appear on a double LP vinyl for beloved Badu fans to enjoy, or gift just in time for the approaching holiday season.

Baduizm and Mama's Gun are now available for purchase on Respect the Classics' website.