It's been nearly three years since Frank Ocean gave his last interview, but the notoriously reclusive artist was willing to answer a few quick questions in front of C-SPAN cameras as he arrived at President Obama's final White House State Dinner with his mother last night.

Asked about his decision to wear checkered Vans to the formal event, he said, "It's my first time doing it. Probably because it's my first time here [...] You can't think. You just have to do things." Answering whether or not he ever pictured himself at a White House State Dinner, Frank laughed, "No, I didn't. I think that explains the Vans."

He went on to say he was most looking forward to "asking Obama if he had fun in these last eight years—just congratulating him also." Finally, asked if he would follow the lead of other artists and support Hillary Clinton with a concert, he said: "Concerts, probably not [...] We're running out of time, I think. Might have to catch her in four years."

And just like that, roughly a minute after it began, the interview was over. See you next time, Frank.