Six months after Prince's unfortunate passing in April, the musical empire he left behind continues to undergo changes. His Paisley Park estate was officially rezoned as a museum on Monday, and now reports have surfaced that Jay Z is making offers to purchase all of the unreleased music he left behind.

TMZ reports that Jay flew Prince's sister Tyke and her husband Maurice Phillips out to New York and made an offer of around $40 million earlier this month. Even if Tyka is on board with the offer, she will have to also get approval of the rest of Prince's siblings as well as the manager of Prince's estate—so the discussions are ongoing.

Prince had given Tidal exclusive streaming rights to his catalog before his passing, and it appears this move is an attempt by the Jay Z-owned streaming service to expand on that advantage over its competitors. They'll have competition, however. Universal, Sony, and Warner have also been in talks to get the rights to Prince's vault of unreleased music (reportedly priced at $35 million).