After reports of Hillary Clinton dropping 14k at Jay Z's 40-40 club in New York, and Bill Clinton hanging out with Jay and Beyoncé at Made in America festival, it's no surprise that the Carters and the Clintons are friends.

Now Jay Z is bringing his support for Hillary to Ohio, a key battleground state where Clinton is currently losing. Jay will perform a concert in Cleveland sometime in the coming weeks, multiple sources confirmed to Buzzfeed. "The concert—perhaps the centerpiece of the “closing argument” strategy built to turn out this group—would be a major coup for the Clinton campaign, which has struggled to excite young black voters," they report. "It’s a key part of the coalition they need to build to defeat Trump in several battleground states, but especially Ohio where she has trailed more consistently than in most swing states. High turnout among younger voters of color would make it virtually impossible for Trump to win."

In the wake of the unwarranted murders of unarmed black men over the last several years, Both Jay and Bey have been very vocal about the campaign issue of criminal justice reform. Earlier this month, Jay announced his new documentary series about criminal justice reform, set to air in January on Spike TV. The series will focus on Kalief Browder, a 16-year-old who was imprisoned for three years at Rikers Island without conviction or a set date for trial.