Justin Bieber has a very dedicated following, that's no secret. The thousands of Beliebers that fill up arenas for his sold out shows are so in love with him that they can't help but scream frantically after every thing he does. For any fan with this sort of obsessive admiration for a superstar, that kind of behavior seems pretty familiar and somewhat understandable. However, it seems Bieber has grown exhausted of it lately.

During a few recent shows, Bieber has commented on the on-going screaming that takes place at his shows. His complaints aren't about the noise level however, instead they're based on respect—or lack there of. During a stop in Manchester last night, Bieber told the crowd that "the screaming during these breaks has GOT to stop!" His commented, which came off sounding a bit like he was scolding the crowd, was followed with loud boos from his audience. He continued saying that he feels it's "unncessary" when he's trying to say something.

When the crowd continued to boo and scream as he tried to explain his point, Bieber simply stopped and began to walk off the stage. It appears the crowd didn't understand his level of frustration until he tossed his mic across stage. After a while, Bieber returned to the stage to explain why he stormed off, saying: "I dedicate my life to try and bring smiles to people's faces and when I feel like people just aren't giving me the same respect back, it kind of hurts a little bit."

Watch some fan footage below.