Back in June, Jensen Karp released Kanye West Owes Me $300: And Other True Stories from a White Rapper Who Almost Made It Big, a book that details his time as Hot Karl, a rapper who once worked with Kanye West back when 'Ye was just a producer (on Karp's 2003 song "Armande Assante"). On a recent appearance on SiriusXM's Sam Roberts' Show, Karp told some stories about his relationship with Kanye, including how Kanye, who was not yet known as a rapper, had his first three albums planned out so specifically that he knew their titles and approximate release dates years in advance.

Karp spoke about how the two used to communicate using two-way pagers, a precursor to cell phones that enabled users to send text messages:

"At the bottom of every two-way, in the same way that emails now have signatures, [...] it would say, 'Look out for these albums.' And it was a list of five or four album titles with years next to them. And they were all the titles he ended up using, until 808s [and Heartbreak], because he didn't end up using Good-Ass Job, which was the last one on his signature."

Karp added, "The years weren't perfect, but they were very close." He also spoke about a time he and Kanye were at a restaurant, and Kanye told their waitress that he was a rapper, then asked her if she wanted to hear him rap, and then rapped anyway when she said no.

Watch the part of the interview about Kanye below, and the entire thing here.