Well here's a plot twist.

On October 23, Drake released four new songs, but the one that has kept everyone talking is "Two Birds, One Stone." The fairly obvious Kid Cudi diss rubbed many people the wrong way, especially given the fact that Cudi recently announced that he was depressed and checking himself into rehab.

Soon after the release of "Two Birds, One Stone," Cudi's manager called Drake "corny as fuck," and just yesterday Kid Cudi took to Twitter to make a statement of his own. "Say it to face, pussy," he tweeted. "You think it's a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I'll be out soon. Promise."

Today, an interesting detail surfaces: in the credits listed on Tidal, Kanye West is named as a lyricist, composer, and producer of the song. Now, who knows what Kanye's involvement was and if he had any idea what this song was going to turn into. Kanye recently dedicated a song to Kid Cudi while performing on the Saint Pablo tour, so it's safe to say he wants no part in any Cudi beef. 

See the credits below.

Two Birds, One Stone credits
Image via Tidal