The current political landscape in the United States is contentious at the moment, to say the least, but that's OK because Lil B plans on saving the day, albeit at a local level.

On stage last night speaking as part of The Golden State Record—an event that featured "stories and sounds of California and the West from some of our favorite musicians, writers, filmmakers, radio producers, and artists"—the rapper said the he's going to get involved with local government, according to Berkeleyside.

Last year, he switched his allegiance from Hillary Clinton in order to support Bernie Sanders last August, and when asked by CNN at the time about his switch, he said, "The people that support Lil B and support my music, they're so eccentric and they have a lot of different viewpoints, so when people come to me about news and they bring things to my attention, I start to really pay attention because I know these people are special and they have a lot of different viewpoints."

The good news for Clinton supporters is that Lil B refused to put the Based God curse on her, so she still has a chance at the presidency.