Between his work with Kanye West, Desiigner, Jay Z, Big Sean, and Travis Scott, it's easy to forget that producer Mike Dean also helped pioneer the "Dirty South" sound in the '90s. But one thing Dean's vast roster of hits couldn't have possibly prepared him for was this interview with Nardwuar, the Human Serviette. "S'ok if I smoke marijuana?" he asks Nardwuar as the clip begins. Watch the whole thing above.

In typical Nardwuar fashion, Dean is given gifts that touch on various points in his illustrious career. Two books about Houston's early days of rap allow Dean to flashback and recount how it all began in his hometown, while an old Odd Squad LP he engineered and played keys on leads Dean to explain how his career took off. Like all Nardwuar interviews, this one's a fascinating tour through his subject's life, but the sheer amount of touchstones in Dean's career makes it particularly special.

Dean made headlines earlier in the month when he shared this Trump-inspired remix track.