By now, the majority of us have seen Beyoncé's "Formation" video—and pretty much all of Lemonade—more than a couple of times. Similar to the "Single Ladies" craze of 2008, millions of people have tried their hand at learning and copying the dance moves to "Formation" to be able to dance along whenever the song comes on. However not many can actually perfect these moves.

One of the talented few who are really able to get Queen Bey's dance moves down might be an unexpected guess. During the pep rally at North Stafford High School in Virginia this past Friday, a police officer impressed the entire audience with his dance moved. Deuntay Diggs—2nd Lieutenant for​ Stafford County's Sheriff Office​—stole the spotlight when he stood in the center of the packed gymnasium to perform the choregraphy for Beyoncé's hit single.

“I basically learned the choreography the night before I performed it for the first time,” Diggs told Buzzfeed. That practice showed off because he completely nailed it and brought this high school's pep rally to whole new level. 

Watch the footage below.