For the last few months, Pusha T has been giving presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is full support. Aside from mention her in tweets and agreeing to participate in a meet-and-greet contest, Push has also made his own pro-Hillary shirts and sat down to speak with her running mate Tim Kaine. As this election season rapidly comes to a close, Push is still making his rounds to make sure his voice is heard and people get out to the polls to vote on November 8.

During a recent stop by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert​, after a brief chat about his career and a strange encounter with Ronald McDonald Push took the time to discuss his current association with Clinton as well as his own beliefs. He has always been very vocal about the problem of the high incarceration rates and the conditions of America's prisions. He said believes Clinton will carry on with the progress Obama has made with this issue.

"That's the most important issue to me, simply because I feel like that's the most important issue tearing apart our community right now," Push explained. He finished by explaining the issue with the lack of opportunities citizens receive after serving time. "You can't vote, you can't get grants. It's like you keep paying forever, we have to change that."

Watch the interview above.