Pusha T has been heavily involved in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, selling pro-Hillary shirts, involving himself in meet-and-greet voter contests, and introducing Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine at a Florida block party over the last few months. Now, he had a chance to sit down with Kaine for a conversation about the Obama's legacy, criminal justice system, gun violence, racism, and more.

"Two Virginia guys in Miami, Florida. I mean, it couldn't get better," Kaine remarked at the beginning of the conversation.

Pusha T kicked things off by saying, "I never really thought I would see a black president, but when Obama was elected it was definitely a defining moment in knowing that anything is possible." Kaine responded, "Just like the election of President Obama moved us forward as a nation because there had never been an African American president, the election of Hillary Clinton will move us forward as a nation because there has never been a woman president."

Later, Pusha expanded on his political thoughts by saying, "My biggest concern is the criminal justice system. We're definitely on the same page in regards to knowing that it's flawed and needs to be fixed." Kaine added, "We have communities where everybody respects the law, but everybody needs to be respected by the law too. That's really important."

Clinton also made an appearance on The Breakfast Club this morning. She also touched on gun control issues in a wide-ranging conversation that included her thoughts on memes, Jay Z, and what it's like to debate Donald Trump. Watch that below, and stick around for an amazing moment when Stevie Wonder stopped by at the 21:00 mark.