It's been three years since the release of Burial's Rival Dealer EP, and while it didn't seem like we'd be getting anything from the elusive producer anytime soon, a new Burial record recently surfaced.

According to Pitchfork, a new 12" titled Young Death appeared on Discogs after copies of the record were sold at Toronto's Sonic Boom Records. The listing says that the record features two new songs: "Young Death" and "Nightmarket." There's been no confirmation from Hyperdub as to when the album will be made widely available. 

Sonic Boom's record buyer Blair Whatmore told Pitchfork that copies of Young Death were sold accidentally because of a misunderstanding.

"[The box the records came in] said ‘artist/title,'" Whatmore said. "We assumed it was a Black Friday secret listing. It wasn’t really clear to us that we weren’t supposed to be selling it." Only five copies were sold, but according to Whatmore, Hyperdub didn't seem very pleased with what happened.

Earlier this year, Burial's albums were repressed on vinyl, and beyond his collaboration with Zomby, it appears that Young Death will be the only new music from Burial in 2016.