On the 10th anniversary of Clipse's sophomore album Hell Hath No Fury, GQ released an interview with the brothers Thornton. Beyond discussing the classic album and what made it such an incredible success, the inevitable topic of a potential Clipse reunion came up—and the most surprising part is that both Pusha T and No Malice seem open to the idea. 

"This is not where I envisioned myself not where I wanted it to go," Pusha says in the interview, explaining what it's like making music without his brother. "I came into this game with my brother and my best friend and that's it, and now, I'm mkaing music with good friends, but not the people I came in with. I'm not with my brother."

This nostalgic confession inspired a further discussion about a possible reunion, with the GQ interviewer pressing on whether or not the Virginia brothers are willing to make another Clipse record. According to No Malice, this is something "[beyond] a shadow of a doubt" and he believes that they can do it.

Of course, this isn't confirmation, per se. But the fact that both Pusha T and No Malice appear to be open to the idea, and perhaps excited off the reminder of the success Hell Hath No Fury garnered, it seems like the brothers are on the right track. 

Read the GQ article in its entirety here.