Back in September, Desiigner was arrested on drug and weapon charges in New York after a road rage incident. Some of those charges were dropped not long thereafter, but he was still facing misdemeanor charges of menacing and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Now, as Billboard reports, those remaining charges have also been dropped. Desiigner and the other three co-defendants—Michael Davis, C.J. McCoy, and Utril Rhaburn—have "accepted adjournments in contemplation of dismissal, or a negotiated settlement that can result in a case being sealed or dismissed." Billboard also reports that the case has been sealed, as per the request of the defendants.

Desiigner an the other four passengers in the SUV were initially charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of drugs with the intent to sell. Along with these charges, Desiigner was also charged with criminal possession of a loaded weapon as well as menacing, a charge that was based on the report of the other driver. Ultimately, investigators failed to find a gun, and the drugs that were found turned out to be steroids and not OxyContin and methadone as previously thought.

Desiigner's attorneys, Ian Niles and Stacey Richman, told TMZ: "We're happy he's been exonerated [...] and happy with the investigation from the D.A."