Donald Glover has a lot going for him right now.

He recently released two excellent singles from his upcoming album Awaken, My Love! as Childish Gambino and created a groundbreaking sitcom, Atlanta, to a overwhelmingly positive reviews. His show recently got picked up for a second season, and given the success the show has had, this news doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. He also landed a role as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Star Wars movie, fulfilling a childhood dream of his.

The rapper, singer, actor, writer, and television producer recently became a father, an experience that has shaped the content of both Atlanta and his upcoming album significantly. "I never really saw them as separate things," he says of the album and the television show.

In a new interview with Billboard, Glover shares insight about his experience as a new father, what listeners can expect from his new album, his fascination with Star Wars, and more.

He shares an interesting, existential perspective on fatherhood, explaining that "it’s something everybody grapples with: why we’re programmed the way we’re programmed. A child is information. You’re programming this thing." 

He also speaks about the social commentary he embeds in Atlanta, sharing his intentions. “I want people to feel scared, because that’s what it feels like to be black,” he says of the show's message. “Amazing things can happen, but it can be taken away in a moment.”

According to the interview, Glover was kept in the dark as long as the public was about his role in Star Wars. "When the world found out I got the part is when I found out," Glover tells Billboard. "Growing up, I was pretty into it. I got taken out of school to see Episode I. It was the first toy I had.​"

Listeners can expect more of the '70s funk and rock influenced tracks he's been putting out recently to appear on the album. Glover explains his fascination with the decade, explaining, "there’s something about that ’70s black music that felt like they were trying to start a revolution.”

Read the full Billboard interview here, and keep an eye out for his upcoming album, due December 2.