It's 2016. Memes are everywhere. President Obama just referred to Michael Jordan as "more than just an internet meme" at a Medal of Freedom ceremony. The number one song in the country, Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles," reached that position thanks to a viral internet trend. At some point this holiday weekend, your grandmother might casually reference a Ken Bone meme. It's the world we live in.

So, as we all wait for the new Gorillaz album to arrive, YouTube user Chris Kogos made covers of his favorite Gorillaz songs entirely out of weird internet memes. Putting his own spin on "Feel Good Inc." and "Clint Eastwood," Kogos flipped classic memes like "Turtle Orgasm," "Gabe The Dog," "Kid Hits Doorway," and "Big Man Tyrone" into his own orchestra. And, as an added bonus, he threw in a Ratatat cover, too. Because Kogos is a man of the people. Watch "Feel Good Inc." above and "Clint Eastwood" plus the Ratatat cover below.