D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty's irresistible collaboration "Broccoli" may be certified double-platinum, but, as to be expected, there are some people out there who can't stand the track. Among these haters is a grandma with hilariously strong opinions.

Earlier today, Grandma Mary uploaded a video of herself reading and commenting on the lyrics to the sunshine-inflected hit, expressing confusion about the lyrics and describing D.R.A.M. as a "very, very sick kid." 

During the minute and a half long clip, Grandma Mary manages to mispronounce Yachty's name, frown upon the use of weed, discuss correct bagel terminology, and scold the youth for listening to the song. Her facial expressions throughout the video are priceless. She ends the clip on an exasperated note, urging the kids to "read your bible," and asks, "why are you wasting my time?"

This isn't the first time a reaction to rap lyrics has made waves, as a mother of four went viral for ranting about Vince Staples' "Norf Norf" earlier this year.

D.R.A.M. seems to be amused by the video, urging his fans to watch it "for the culture." 

Read D.R.A.M.'s reaction below, and watch the hilarious video above.