Justin Bieber left Instagram earlier this year after saying that he didn't want to see anymore hate on his photos, which led to Selena Gomez commenting and Bieber deleting his Insta entirely. At a show in London last night (November 29), Bieber teased his return to the social media service before pulling any hope away from his fans. "Who thinks I should get my Instagram back?" he asked to countless screams, before adding, "Nah, I don't want to get my Instagram back."

He added, "I'm sure... Instagram is for the devil. I think hell is Instagram. I'm 90 percent sure. We get sent to hell, we get like locked in the Instagram server." During the show, which was his last tour stop on his lengthy Purpose tour for 2017, he said that he was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed. It seems unlikely that Bieber will ever return to Instagram, but stranger things have happened.

Watch video of Bieber talking about Instagram below.