In the almost two weeks since Kanye West was hospitalized. In that time, several reports have come in informing the public that the rapper was already beginning to show some progress in his recovery, while many of his industry friends continued to extend their own thoughts and prayers towards his healing process.

Although West is not yet ready to be released from the hospital's care, it appears the superstar is already determined to get back to work. According to US Weekly, West has begun requesting that recording equipment be brought into his hospital room in order for him to make a full transition into a studio. West reportedly wants to keep working from his bed, despite his wife's concerns and advice to rest instead.

Many might agree that rest and relaxation may be the best option for recovery. However, it's also possible that creating music could be a form of relaxation as well as music therapy for the star. Hopefully anyone near West's room at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles won't mind a bit more noise, but they should remember the last time West got creative inspiration from a hospital room we received "Through the Wire."