Following their Coloring Book collaboration, "All Night," rumors have been circulating about another Kaytranada-produced Chance The Rapper song called "The Say." Live footage of the song has been making its rounds online and Chance said he gave the song to Kaytranada to "release soon" during a recent Twitter Q&A. This evening, Kaytranda had a Twitter Q&A of his own and revealed that he's "still waiting on brother Chance The Rapper to send me the vocal parts."

During the rest of the Q&A session, Kaytranada also revealed that he was "supposed" to work with on music for the new Gorillaz album until it fell through, shared his favorite Kanye West song, listed his favorite albums of the year so far, and hinted that a "bunch of collaborations might see the light of day soon." Scroll through his feed for the full Q&A or see some highlights below.

​Are you going to drop that Chance The Rapper song "They Say" anytime soon?

"Still waiting on brother @chancetherapper to send me the vocal parts.​"

Any hope of a Gorillaz collab?

"I was supposed to, they hit me up one time and I didnt hear back from them again and now they dropping an album. Wouldve been cool for me..."

We wait for the collab with BadBadNotGood since Mathuselah. When will it be dropped?

"We're still working on it..."

Have you recorded with SZA?


What mainstream artists would you collab with?


What's your favorite track you ever made?

"Some beat i made like 3 months ago."

What's your favorite Kanye song?

"Late (bonus track)"

Have you thought about working with "Tinashe"?

"Maybe, its up to her..."

What is your favorite album of 2016?

"So many... Malibu, A Seat At Table, For All We Know, Animals Have Feelings.."

Will we be getting more collabs with Freddie Gibbs?

"Yessir, bunch of collaborations might see the light of day soon."