New music from Lana Del Rey has been in short supply since she dropped her Honeymoon album last year.

However,  fans have spotted signs the New Yorker may be gearing up to release new music. A new song entitled "Wild Side" was registered on the ASCAP Repertory, a directory of American music, that is credited as written by Elizabeth Grant aka Lana Del Rey. The other credit on the song is for Greg Banks, one of Del Rey's long-time collaborators.

The listing has now been taken down from the ASCAP site, but a screenshot can still be seen courtesy of DIY Mag. New music has been expected from the baroque pop singer for quite some time, with her first announcing she was working on the follow-up to Honeymoon back in December 2015. 

Back then she said she had "early thoughts about what I'd like to do" in relation to the album, also adding that "I’m just happy to be able to keep on making music I can stand behind. That’s enough for me.”

She also shared a photo taken inside her studio back in March, another clue new music may be on the way.

Check out the video for her last single "Freak" below.


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