Lil B has become somewhat of an enigma this year, having not released a single mixtape. He's appeared on a number of tracks, most notably on Clams Casino's debut album, but for the most part he's not been his usual prolific self in 2016. With his last release, Thugged Out Pissed Off, approaching its one year anniversary, it seems about time that Lil B returns with a new project. On Twitter he's announced that he will be dropping a new project soon, although this forthcoming project isn't exactly all that new.

Back in April 2010, Lil B officially announced the Black Ken mixtape, sharing a number of singles from the project in the following weeks and months. He even shared the incredible Black Ken cover by Benjamin Marra, which can be seen above. Mysteriously, however, the project vanished and never saw the light of day. Considering this was during some of his most prolific years, it's not exactly a problem or anything because there is plenty of other Lil B material available, but it did earn Black Ken something of a legendary status among The Based God's followers.

Now Lil B has finally promised that the mixtape is on its way again, tweeting, "lil b fina change the world wow I been crying listening to new songs from Lil B unreleased extremely rare art black Ken mixtape - Lil B." He followed up the tweet by announcing that Black Ken will be a tribute to Kanye West. Of course, this isn't the first time Lil B has tweeted about Kanye. Regardless, it's nice to know that after six years, Black Ken will finally see the light of day soon.

Read Lil B's tweets about the mixtape below.