This weekend, Lil Wayne was scheduled to headline the SummerFall festival in Willemstad, Curaçao. The New Orleans rapper unexpectedly canceled his appearance at the last minute, and there have been conflicting reports about why he pulled his performance. 

According to TMZ, Wayne's team told festival organizers that he would not be performing because he suffered from a seizure in Miami on Friday, November 25, one day before he was scheduled to take the stage. His representatives later denied this claim, citing "breach of contract" as the real reason he backed out of the show. Despite the explanation from Wayne's camp, the festival organizers maintained that they had fulfilled all contractual agreements.

In 2013, Wayne revealed that he has epilepsy, and has suffered from multiple seizures throughout his life. He shared the news shortly after suffering from a near-fatal seizure that left him in an induced coma. He endured two widely publicized medical emergencies earlier in 2016, one of which forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in order to reach paramedics. Throughout his career, Wayne and his team have downplayed his health issues, and insisted they are not a result of his frequent use of lean.

Read the statement from the SummerFall organizers in full below.