"It's a big responsibility," Lil Yachty says in a new mini-documentary with iD about his status as a role model. "That's when you realize you have a huge amount of youth and teenagers all around, looking up to you."

Not far removed from being a kid himself, the 19-year-old Atlanta rapper understands his influence on his youthful fans. "That's why I try to always keep a positive message," he says. "Always push positivity because they're listening to what you say. If you have that effect on children, use it for good." 

"I like to stay 100% clean," Yachty continues. "I don't party, I don't club. I just try to stay out of negativity's way and I try to keep a clean image."

He also repeats previous sentiments that he doesn't consider himself to be a rapper and compares himself more closely to artists like Diddy and Jay Z, who turned themselves into moguls with an emphasis on their personal brands.

"I am not a rapper, I'm an artist," he explains. "Once you start thinking like you're a brand, you're not a rapper." Attempting to explain what his brand is, Yachty concluded: "It's just red hair and beads and boats and water and friendship and positivity and being swag."

Watch the short documentary above and and come see Lil Yachty and The Sailing Team perform on the P&P stage at ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA on Sunday, November 6. More information and tickets are available here.​