Earlier this summer, Lully captured our attention with her odd yet addictive debut single, "Slow D's." After laying low for a few months, the new artist—who's named after the of 17th century composer Jean-Baptiste Lully—has returned with another alluring offering.

Literally translating to "without hat," "Sans Chapeau" starts off unexpectedly aggressively with jarring grunts but quickly builds into a soaring, uplifting backdrop for mysteriously pitched vocals.

Previously, she told P&P regarding "Slow D's" that exhausting the song with the vocal melody is a "common Lully trait," and this seems to hold true for "Sans Chapeau" as well, though the technique is used less heavy handedly. The result is a soothing, intriguing song from someone who's easily one of the most exciting new artists in the game right now.

Listen to "Sans Chapeau" below, and keep your eyes on Lully—she's quickly proving to be a force to be reckoned with.