On Thursday night, aspiring future presidential candidate Kanye West announced that if he had voted in the recent election, he would have voted for Donald Trump, and many couldn't just chock this one up to Kanye being Kanye.

This morning, Talib Kweli took to Twitter and addressed Kanye directly, condemning his comments on Trump, expressing his admiration for his work, and pleading with him to be mindful of how powerful his words are—"the ppl gonna ride w you til the wheels fall off for what you've given us. But only if u ride w the ppl. Come back home."

Lest we forget, Kanye and Talib have known each other a long time. Earlier this summer, Talib went on a podcast to tell the story of how he and Kanye first met. Kanye showed up with some beats for Talib's Black Star partner, Mos Def, but wound up playing them for Talib instead. Check out a clip from that interview below.