The back and forth between Tyga and 21 Savage has been an undeniably 2016-style beef, with shots being fired over almost every social media platform.

The feud, which started when 21 was supposedly internet flirting with Tyga's girlfriend Kylie Jenner, had escalated to the point at which Savage seemed to be directly threatening the California rapper's life in a series of videos which can be seen below. He says, “I’m gonna kill your bitch-ass. Not lying, bitch. Straight up," but now claims that the videos are actually older than his feud with T-Raww.

The issue between the two rappers apparently started when 21 posted up an Instagram of Jenner, and quoted Drake's "Back to Back" with the caption "shoutout to my boss b****** wifing n***as." Tyga responded with an Instagram of his own and a snippet of an apparent diss track could be heard playing on Kylie's Snapchat. The former Young Money rapper can be heard rapping, “Why you got one car in a 12-car garage? Sucking dick for a Ferrari,” over the beat of Savage's "No Heart." This is probably a reference to Drake buying 21 a Ferrari for his 24th birthday. 

But now, the Atlanta rapper has tweeted that "it ain't dat serious" and that "this shit done went to far." Hopefully, this means the feud is coming to a close.

Check out the snippet and 21 Savage's threat below.