Although the focus of most recent Ab-Soul interviews has been on his new album Do What Thou Wilt, the Black Hippy rapper has found time to discuss some of the most popular internet-age conspiracy theories in an interview with HotNewHipHop.

Answering rapid fire questions Soulo took on the Moon landing, the assassination of JFK, whether Tupac and Elvis Presley really died, UFOs and if the Illuminati exists. From this brief interview, it seems as though he believes the first moon landing was faked, JFK was killed by two shooters, UFOs and the Illuminati are real but unfortunately Tupac and Elvis are gone. The full clip can be seen above.

In other clips from the same interview, the LA rapper also touched on deeper issues, talking about Malcolm X and Huey Newton, the latter of which was the subject of recent single "Huey Knew." He also discussed Aleister Crowley, originatorof the saying "Do what thou wilt," which Soulo's recent album title refers to. 

The interview clips of Ab-Soul discussing Huey Newton, Malcolm X and Aleister Crowley can be seen below.