Smoking weed with Snoop Dogg has become a cultural rite of passage, but he's been making the milestone a little easier to achieve over the last couple years with his GGN web series. His latest special guest, who he referred to as his "nephew," was ASAP Rocky—who managed to keep it together until the end of the interview when he could barely put words together.

"We in space right now. We're not even on Earth right now," a bewildered Rocky said at the end of the interview. "I can't articulate myself, I developed a speech impediment. I can't even talk. I can't function. I feel good."

Before losing composure, the two did manage to speak about fashion. At one point, Rocky explained, "I'm an old head. I'm relatively young but I'm old as a motherfucker if you get what I'm saying. My soul is from the 60s."

After a long run of GGN episodes on Snoop Dogg's WestFestTV channel as a part of Merry Jane's YouTube network, this marks the first under their new partnership with Apple Music, which will now air new episodes on a weekly basis—so you can see a clip from ASAP's interview above and watch the full segment here. Archived episodes from the series are available here as well.