Chance The Rapper and comedian Hannibal Buress are old friends at this point. First collaborating on Chance's "NaNa" video back in 2013, the two linked up again on the intro track to the surprise mixtape Merry Christmas Lil' Mama this week. In the studio together, Hannibal took the opportunity to grab some mics and sit down with Chance for a 45-minute conversation for his "Handsome Rambler" podcast.

​Asked what the favorite guest verse he's ever received is (at the 16:00 mark), Chance answered, "The best guest verse that I got from somebody is the Noname verse on 'Lost.'"

Hannibal said that he ran into Noname a couple days before her recent SNL performance with Chance and she told him she was nervous about the two-step she had to do. "She smashed it," Chance responded. "She stole the show. It was a really cool thing. You know, I've known Noname since I was 14." He added, "She was into writing very early on when I was still a kid and trying to do my poetry thing [...] I've known her my whole life and it was very cool to be together on SNL, rapping."

Hannibal also took a moment to ask a question that's been floating around recently: "Chance, you going to run for mayor?"

"No," Chance responded, before Hannibal joked that he wasn't expecting him to make the announcement on his podcast, anyway. Chance added, "I just think that's such a funny thing, like I could [do that]."

Listen to the full conversation below, in which the two also talk about pitching SNL sketches, the teen angst on 10 Day, Chance's gospel influence on Kanye West, the Christmas mixtape, and more.