This week, Red Bull TV released a fascinating 50-minute documentary about the elusive Charles Hamilton that tries to answer the question, "What happened to Charles Hamilton?" His rise and fall as one of the first artists to be propelled into the spotlight because of the internet has become one of the most interesting stories, with the documentary looking at his brave return to music.

In support of Let it Play... Faultlines, Hamilton hosted a Reddit AMA to answer any questions that his fans may have following the release of the film earlier today. Addressing his influence, his struggle with fame, and much more, Hamilton also gave some insight into his upcoming album, Hamilton, Charles.

In addition to promising "good lyrics and special production," he revealed that the upcoming album was "somewhat inspired by The Cure." The project, according to the AMA, will be digitally released.

Charles Hamilton also revealed that, citing knowing that "there was a possibility that there were people listening" as the reason for his return, this upcoming album won't be his last one.

Hamilton, Charles will be released on December 9. Watch the documentary about Charles Hamilton here, and read all of Charles Hamilton's AMA on Reddit