UPDATE: It appears Chief Keef did not, in fact, grant this interview. It was a fake. He took to Instagram on Friday evening to explain, "Fake interview ni**as went from hitting bitches acting like me to doing interviews...."

Apparently, he didn't like how the fake version of himself sounded on paper, adding, "If u gonna try to be me in a interview cut the dick riding and sound like a Chiraqean." See his full post below.

Chief Keef doesn't do many interviews, but he granted one to the website Local Savage, and while he kept it brief, he did give some insight into what he's working on, what he thinks of rap's newcomers, and what he's been up to these last couple of years. He also speaks on meeting Lil Yachty at ComplexCon, the song he did with 21 Savage, and cutting back on lean. See some excerpts below.

What he thinks of the new school:

I am the new school! [Laughs] I’m still young, younger than some of them n****s. Yachty cool, I met him at some Complex shit and he showed love. Me and 21 did a song…uh…last year I think. Maybe it will come out sometime, he hard too.

On people stealing his sound:

 Everybody stealing my sound, I created this shit. All these n****s my sons, using my flows. I was doing that shit like, two years ago, go on my YouTube. It’s aight, I’m coming for necks this year.

On why his new music sounds different:

Some of these n****s eat off the same shit they whole life but I gotta change it up. I also stopped with the lean so heavy and I don’t mix my own shit anymore so it sounds like, clear. I got CB doing that now. I might sing to ’em on this tape though, we still doing the tracklist.

On Gucci Mane:

We’ve talked a few times since he got out but we both busy as hell. N****s always hitting me up on Twitter about Big Gucci Sosa 2 so we gonna have to get together and do that. I made a whole ‘nother tape with my beats and him while he was gone but we ended up trashing that shit. I like his new songs, they hard as hell. He’s always my OG, him and Birdman and Lil B and Soulja Boy always showed me love.

Read the full interview here.