Run The Jewels gave us all a fantastic Christmas present this year when they dropped their new album,Β RTJ3,Β for free three weeks early. Like the two albums that came before, the project was available as a free digital download on the duo's website before eventually making its way onto streaming services.

El-P shared some thoughts on the free release and fan support on Twitter Monday afternoon after seeing an iTunes commenter write, "Run The Jewels is giving this album away on their twitter and for free! Don't waste your money on a same quality digital download!"

"I know we give it away for free but there really is no reason to feel compelled to command that people not support us if they want to," El-PΒ responded. "Yes we get any money you spend on official releases through all mediums and we thank you BIGLY if you choose to do that."

El-P added,Β "That said you'll never hear me complain that you didn't buy our shit its yours to have. If you want to support then πŸ™Œ. Thats the RTJ way." He continued, "I'm not saying that model is for everyone, but for us its how we like it. Of course we damn sure do love it when you buy our shit don't get it twisted.​"

When a fan asked what the best way to support is (if they choose to download the album for free), El-P gave a flexible, lighthearted response: "Do what feels right, young Jedi." He added that money from fans will go directly to himself and Killer Mike (without being diverted away to labels) if they choose to support financially, because, "We are the label. We are the artist. Its easy. Buy it somewhere, We will get paid. And thanks.​"

To El-P and Killer Mike, the priority is for their fans to have access to their music, no matter the price. So, if you want a free download, it's here. If you want to financially support and buy it on iTunes, it's here. If you want to contribute to their streaming revenue, go ahead and replay the album over and over on Spotify and Apple Music. Or if merch is your thing, there's plenty of that here. Just make sure you listen and find a way to support an excellent project in your own way (whether that happens to be financially or not).

See El-P's full comments below, in which he also revealed they will "drop theΒ OG version of 'Panther Like A Panther' at some point for fun."