Late last night, Chance The Rapper and Jeremih shared a nine-track Christmas mixtape just in time for the holidays. The surprise project featured guest appearances from several Chicago artists including comedian and occasional gibberish rapper Hannibal Buress. Today, Buress spoke to Fader about his involvement with the project, his newfound love of autotune, and watching Chance become a hip-hop heavyweight.

He explains that his feature came to fruition when he and Chance were both in New York City. "Chance hit me up like, 'Come through the studio to track some vocals,'" he says. "I’m like, 'Does that mean rap?' Because, I mean. He’s like, 'Whatever, come through.' So he’s working on this Christmas project with Jeremih and he asked me to talk about Christmas at the end of this track." He goes on to explain that he jokingly asked Chance to "put Travis Scott vocals" on his recording. "On my podcast lately I’ve been really obsessing with Auto-Tune. A title too late, but I’m really getting into it," he says of his newfound love of the vocal effect.

Buress revealed that he also worked on a verse for the mixtape's title track, but it didn't get used because "they didn’t wanna make space for it." He isn't discouraged however, and is considering releasing his own spin on the song. "I might just have to take the beat and put out my own remix of it and ride the wave. I love juke tracks!"

The comedian also discussed the progression of Chance's career. The two have known each other since 2013, and Buress describes Chance's rapid ascent into the limelight as "pretty crazy." He recalls watching the Chicago rapper perform in front of 80 people, comparing the past to the present. "I mean, after Acid Rap shit got pretty crazy, but to see the level now is wild. The dude did US Cellular Field, where the White Sox play!"

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