UPDATE: According to a tweet from a fan at the Summer's Over Tour in San Antonio, Jeremih won't be performing at the show tonight. The fan posted a picture of a sign that states the singer will be sitting out this stop. This is news to Jeremih himself, as he posted:

It's safe to Jeremih has had an eventful week, as the Chicago singer called out his touring partner PartyNextDoor at the end of his Friday night show in Dallas. 

Social media had barely recovered from Thursday night's allegations that Jeremih had sent a look-a-like to perform in his place in Houston. This also comes a couple of days after the "Don't Tell 'Em" crooner stormed off stage in Chicago after launching into a tirade against "haters."

During the singer's closing set last night, he called PND and his crew "bitch ass ni**as" before accusing him of not singing live during performances. The video also shows Jeremih scream, “This ni**a been trying to stop me since this tour started. He can’t stop me!”

Rumors have been circulating that tensions between the two artists have been rising and after last night's tirade it seems like their relationship has hit boiling point. 

Watch the video from last night's show  below.