John Legend has been on the promotion trail for his new album Darkness and Light as well as his leading role in the film La La Land. Away from discussing these projects Legend found the time to discuss Kanye West's current situation with Rolling Stone. 

West and Legend have been friends and collaborators before either performers really broke through, with the two often opening for each other at different points in their come-up. However their friendship seems slightly strained of late, with the singer being one of many to question Ye's decision to meet with President-Elect Donald Trump earlier this month in New York. 

When asked about Kanye's recent hospitalization, Legend told Rolling Stone, "I don't want to try to play pop psychologist, so I'm not gonna try to analyze what's happening with him. I just want him to do whatever he needs to do to feel better and to feel like he's ready to go again, because music needs him. The world needs him. I think he's such an important talent."

He also discussed in more detail his thoughts on the Trump's impending Presidency, "We've gone through some really dark periods in this country," adding that, "You can't trivialize them, because they cost people their lives, but we have made progress since those times, and even when we go backward, there's definitely an opportunity for us to go forward again. We just have to be vigilant and get through this, and then hopefully it'll be over soon."

Check out the latest single from Darkness and Light "Penthouse Floor" featuring Chance the Rapper below.