Death Grips released their fifth studio album earlier this year with Bottomless Pit, touring across the world for the first time in a while. They had a big year that sort of acted as a comeback after they "split," or whatever it was they were actually up to while at Disneyland. Now it seems, especially with Zach Hill pursuing some other projects, that the trio will be experimenting with some work outside of Death Grips in the new year.

Stefan Burnett, better known to Death Grips fans as the group's frontman MC Ride, has been selling his paintings for a while now. The biggest showcase of his work yet will be on display next month (January) in Los Angeles gallery Slow Culture. His paintings will be on display from January 7 until January 28 and will be his first solo art exhibition yet. If the art is anything like what he previously showed on his website, expect some morbid and stark imagery from the new exhibition.

His previous artwork can be checked out here, and Slow Culture have teased the upcoming show with a painting that looks to maintain his signature art style. Burnett's personal website has been updated with a link to the gallery, which you can find more information about here.

Stefan Burnett Art
Art by Stefan Burnett via Slow Culture.