Wow. Just when I think a meme couldn't possibly get any better, Twitter goes and does something like this and totally revitalizes my undying love for the app.

Yesterday we discovered this thread of a kid recreating 21 Savage's "No Heart." I deemed it a perfect meme, and I'll stand by that. HOWEVER (Stephen A. Smith voice), today a new "No Heart" meme came forth that might take the top spot. Twitter user @brashual tweeted out a line from the song with an accompanying picture. Very simple. But from there, the power of Twitter took over with a showing of coordination and teamwork that literally brought a tear to my eye. Different users replied to the thread in order with the next line of the song, and a picture to boot.

Pulling this off is extremely challenging, but never underestimate the power of memes and 21 Savage. In times like these where the country seems so divided, it warms my heart seeing different people working together to create something so beautiful. Check out the thread below: