Riff Raff had announced plans for a feature film The Peach Panther back in June, and now that he's allowed his album of the same title to breathe a little, the enigmatic artist has finally shared the first trailer for his upcoming project via Twitter today.

While not much of the movie's storyline is actually revealed, The Peach Panther appears to feature some key elements integral to any action film: money, guns, drugs, violence, women, and of course, face tattoos. The film also features an interesting cast, too, including Perez Hilton, G-Eazy, Tommy Chong, The Fat Jew, Sid (of Slipknot), and many others. 

Back in June, Riff Raff spoke to LA Weekly about the film and how he hopes that The Peach Panther will show audiences that he's serious about his craft: "I know people get it, but there are those who want to say that just because I’m having fun or ‘funny’ that I’m not an artist [...] That doesn’t make sense. Whenever Jamie Foxx was on In Living Color and then you saw him sing, it didn’t take away from either of those things. I can’t change everyone’s perception of me, but I can change the quality of the work—and this album and movie are of undeniable quality."

The Peach Panther arrives in theaters fall 2017. Watch the trailer for Riff Raff's feature film above.