Legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC is reportedly suing Walmart, Amazon, and a handful of smaller retailers for selling merchandise bearing their iconic logo without gaining the group's consent. The group is asking for upwards of $50 million in damages, citing their $1.6 million contract with Adidas as proof of their logo's value.

In the complaint obtained by Pitchfork, Run-DMC accuses the retailers of "advertising, selling, manufacturing, promoting and distributing multiple products claiming to be Run-D.M.C. styled products" and attempting to "confuse the public as to the source of the products.”  The group also alleges that Walmart and Amazon have partnered with twenty anonymous companies to manufacture, distribute, and promote the unauthorized merchandise. The merchandise in question includes t-shirts, patches, wallets, and hats emblazoned with the group's logo as well as sunglasses meant to emulate their signature retro sunglasses style. Photos of the offending goods are available via TMZ.

The original logo, the group's name in capital white letters sandwiched by two red lines, was designed in 1984 by Stephanie Nash and MF Benton.